Fallen Idols


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“This is a compelling story of innocence stolen, a life ruined, and tells how God made the difference in several lives. It shows the importance of witnessing to the lost and how to gain victory in our everyday lives.”


5 reviews for Fallen Idols

  1. John Hamilton

    “This is wonderfully written with a story line that is not only instructive but keeps you wondering what’s around the corner. Fallen Idols teaches the wonderful and glorious truth about the love, forgiveness and grace of God and in the same frame leads the reader to see the importance of applying the same to ones own life. A tremendous read to the young and old alike. A great gift to be given to anyone.”

  2. Dennis Gwizdala

    “June, I just finished your book, “Fallen Idols” in one sitting… it’s a great read!! CONGRATULATIONS again was some “surprising” things in the book!! Thanks again!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out!”

  3. Bobbie Mintz

    “June, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I did not put it down until I completed it. I surely think you should write another book. It amazed me how it kept you captivated. I don’t think there is enough soul-winning in prisons now. There sure are a lot of people who could be witnessed to in there. I thought of the times we went soul winning when we were on the bus route at Harbor. Debbi saw a girl at a restaurant the other night and she came over and talked with her and told her she had gotten saved while we visited them to ride our bus. God is so good. thanks for the book and I am looking forward to the next one. Love you all.”

  4. Beverly Winstead

    “This book was a truly inspiring book that demonstrates when you trust in God and live for him he always has a plan for our lives – a lot of times we don’t understand, we just have to trust in him because he is faithful and true. The characters in the story reminded me of so many individuals that I have crossed their path and how God has played such an important role and others who have still not let God take control of their lives – I already know of several people that I plan to pass this book on to read. Once I started reading the book, I wasn’t able to put it down until I had finished.”

  5. Sharon Penner

    “WOW – Thank you, June, – I could hardly put the book down once I started reading it on the way to church last night where David Wood was speaking at the Shooting Park Road Baptist Church. I had purchased the book between Sunday School and Church in the morning…. then started reading it on our half-hour ride to evening church…. what a story. How many more Charlotte’s are there out there in the lost world? I read it every minute I could find… till I finished it this morning. A very thought provoking novel! God bless you, June!”

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