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Only One Way To Heaven

Only One Way To Heaven, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation founded
by Christians to publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ as far and wide
as possible via the internet so people from all over the world will
hear the “Good News.” We hope our website will encourage you to
read the Bible and that you will come to know God personally through
His Son Jesus Christ.

David Wood Ministries Developing Soul Winners Worldwide!

Winning souls to Christ at an exponential rate is a core mission of David Wood Ministries. Dr. David Wood, evangelist and founder of the ministry, believes that the multiplication principle expressed in the Book of Acts is the truest method to reaching large numbers for Christ throughout the world.

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United States and World Wide

David Wood Ministries has been working in the United States and throughout the world to provide individuals and churches with the tools and training to make visible differences in their communities and around the world. The ministry also operates offices in eight countries, working to reach the 50 percent of people who have never heard of Jesus Christ.