Leadership Resources

10815_Ctr_CGnL_Logo-ASunday School Directors Institute Manual & DVD Set

sunday school directors institute

Recorded from Dr. David Wood's live seminars, the series addresses how to:

  • Double Sunday School Attendance
  • Increase the Number of Souls Saved
  • Increase Baptisms
  • Increase Offerings


Soul Winning Director's Institute

soul winning directors institute

This training set will transform staff and laymen into motivated and equipped Operation GO Directors.

Trained Operation GO Directors learn to:

  • Understand and implement Biblical Soul Winning
  • Develop a two-year program for the church
  • Design and efficiently run a program that will lead hundreds of people to the Lord
  • Bring many new converts to church


about the Operation Go Program and chartering information

Pastoral Leadership Manual & CD Set

pastoral leadership manual 2

This set trains leaders in all aspects of Church Ministry and explores 14 areas of concerns, including:

  • Church Growth
  • Training for Soul Winning
  • Increasing Offerings
  • Time Management
  • Church Finances
  • Goal Setting