Mission Project Opportunities



  • To Pray over the following opportunities.....

Missions Projects" that will multiply your stewardship investment for 2019

Please find listed below countries where "Witness Project" Campaigns will be conducted in 2019.  the budget for that campaign will follow each country name.  Thank you for praying over your possible funding, total or partial, of one or more of these campaigns.... allowing your 2019 Missions Project Investment to impact an entire nation with the Gospel.

Please Consider This As You Pray:

A Campaign is complete 3 day "International Soul Winning Director's Institute".  Hundreds of National Pastors will attend each Campaign and receive a syllabus in their own language.  They will return to his home church with the complete "OperationGo" Program in His own language - sufficient to train and activate 100 soul winners....with complete discipleship material.  Each national pastor, trained and equipped, will potentially see 1,000 souls reached with the Gospel and three churches planted in the first 24 months after the campaign.  Several of the projects include the printing of materials that will be used by other campaigns with like languages...expanding our mission dollars.

In addition to the number of national pastors that will be trained and equipped in each campaign, there will be on going leadership training including positioning for future outreach and growth of the Witness Project in that region of the world.

Jesus Said......

"--behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."
--John 4:35