San Salvador

san sal

Greetings my brothers and Sisters Hope you all blessed in Jesus

At this time God continue doing great things in ministry. I have been involve in evangelism over 700 teenagers from 15 years old to 20 years have heard the great news of Jesus and 589 received Jesus as Lord and Savior. What a tremendous result of these two days in a School called Gold Tree.

Also I have been involved in a few Pastor conferences, preaching in churches and making contacts for David Wood Ministries. There were two contacts God allowed us to meet in the last conference -- a couple that Works in Christian Radio and TV in the City of Masaya Nicaragua and two Pastors from Honduras

The one in Honduras represent over 500 Churches Pastor Edulfo Cruz from Central American Mission Church he is the president of all this churches in the city of Honduras Their annual meeting is in January / 15, 16 / 2015

They would like for David Wood Ministries to come and share about the Witness Project conference and for Nicaragua it would be the next week 20-23 these brothers have an open door for you too.

I told them that first we need to visit them and establish a connection and present them the project evaluate coast and see how many Pastors would participate and pray. They have invited me to go before this year is over to establish a connection with them.

Also I would like for you to pray this Thursday 16th. Coming up, my wife and I have in appointment in the U.S. embassy for an interview requesting the U.S. visa

We love you and keep on praying for you and your supporters and ministry

God Bless pastor Ed.