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david and june

gift-orderWe all enjoy giving gifts to people we love and seeing the smiles on their faces as they light up with gratitude. In these pages are opportunities to make a difference in scores of children's lives. Not just any children - but, the forgotten of India, Myanmar and U.S.A. ravished by hunger and neglect. A gift of only $5.00 can bring hope and comfort to a child.

Take this opportunity to get your family, church, youth group, Christian school, Sunday School class, etc., involved in being part of what God is doing around the world through The Witness Project. Each gift regardless of the size has great significance. Praise God! And may you experience Immanuel's love and grace this year like never before.

June and I thank you for reading this message and I pray you will prayerfully consider meeting some of these needs.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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David and June Wood
David Wood Ministries

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Thank you very much for your continued support for Christmas the last few years.  It was such a great help.  Our Orphanage children and Bible College students were very much blessed.  My wife and I also want to thank you personally for the many years of personal support from you and Miss June for our daughter Faithlin's education.  I want to thank you and Mrs. Wood for your real desire for helping orphanage children and Bible students.

Please pray for this need.  We have to buy the land which is nearby our orphanage as soon as possible.  Pray God may help us raise the money to buy the needed land.  The government has gotten involved and are trying to close us down.  We received a reprieve recently but the need is there to purchase more land for the children.

Brother Thomas Maher & Family
India Witness Project Director

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wish list 2015-3I am Ajith Kumar from Navinipatty, Tamilnadu. I have two sisters. I was born and brought up in the Hindu family. Since my childhood I was naughty. When I was growing up my elder sister accepted Jesus and then my mom and younger sister also accepted Jesus. From then on, my mom prayed for me. But I did not accept Christ. Most of the times I did not go to school and I went with friends and did all kinds of evil works. So I failed in the tenth exam for several times. While I was strange to God and His words, my pastor often came to my home and shared the gospel and prayed for us. Finally, I have accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. After I was baptized, I have worked several works like bike and car work, painting, plumbing, driving, electrical work yet I did not stand firm in any of these works.

God called me to work in His vineyard while I was working. I gave up works and started to join in the ICM Bible College. Now I am learning the Bible. We usually go to weekend ministries in nearby villages. One day while I shared the gospel a man started to scold us and was about to beat me but God protected me. I am also learning in ministry about struggles which I am supposed to go through. Please do pray for my studies and my father who has not gotten saved so far. Thank you!

wish list 2015-4I am Sebastian from Tamilnadu. I was brought up in the Roman Catholic family. I had a younger sister who died after her marriage and two elder brothers. From my childhood, I have followed strictly all ceremonial ways. Every day I used to light candles to Jesus and Mary. I used to go every year to sanctuary place called 'velankanni' mother Mary temple. I was committed yet I was peaceless and my dad was a military man and always used to beat us. One day I ran into the forest to die. Someone found me and shared the gospel.

From there I found peace and started reading my Bible. The Lord spoke to me through His word and then I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and God. Soon after I got married and we had 3 children. We have been doing ministry in the village called 'Manalmedu.' There are many Hindu temples and one witchcraft woman is in that place. She has many people come from different places to seek her. Hindu religious people always speak against our ministry. They divert believers' mind. Yet God is strengthening us to serve the Lord in the midst of obstacles. February, 2014 my wife died. By the grace of God, our ministry is getting on. We don't have a proper bus to go to near village for the gospel. So we usually walk. Please do pray for our ministry. Thank you!

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ICM Orphanage and Bible College Needs:
1. Christmas Meal.......................$10.00 each
2. Shoes (Sandal).......................$18.00 each
3. Clothes (Outfits)......................$23.00 each
4. Chairs....................................$22.00 each
5. Bicycle (for Village outreach).......$100.00 each

We have 35 children in the orphanage
We have 47 children in the feeding center
We have 31 students in the Bible College
We need 150 chairs for Orphanage, Bible College, Feeding Center
We need 60 Bicycles for Bible students and village missionaries who studied in our Bible College and are now doing ministry effectively in remote villages.

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Loving greetings from Destiny Grace Home in Jesus' name...

paul syn familyI feel greatly honored and grateful to have this blessed opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you on how your wonderful gifts of the last year Christmas Wish blessed our family of Destiny Grace Home in Yangon. In fact, it is more than a word can tell you how tremendously blessed we are today in every walk of life with your gifts, especially the children at the orphanage.

I am honestly testifying that since your gifts helped the orphans a lots more as they now can study well, live comfortably and eat even breakfast every morning which they could have only twice in a week before. Moreover, the children enjoyed using fans in their room each and also have bicycles for going out to their tuition classes.

Another very helpful things we had bought with your gifts are - One Water Pumping Machine for digging well 540 feet depth which costs $550 and extra 8 bunker beds and more...

Meanwhile, we, the family of Destiny Grace Home and Christian Theological Seminary, are truly proud in prayer for having such dear people of God like you and everyone at DW ministries for your most kind helping hands, love, and prayers for us. I do greatly value your partnership in the Lord's service.

Please do allow me to say again, on behalf all the children and staff with me here, "Thank you very much and God bless you more abundantly"...

Paul Syn
Director / President
Destiny Grace Home and Christian Theological Seminary

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wish list - 7I thank God this opportunity to share my personal testimony of how the Lord has been leading me all through the past years until today. Sad to say that I became orphaned boy when I was 7 years old and came to live at Destiny Grace Home in 1999. My father died of drug addiction and my mother also ran away from home leaving me and sister behind. Since then, my uncle (my father side) a very poor village farmer, brought me and my sister to let us stay at his home together with his 7 children for almost a year. After that, I was sent to Orphanage home in Yangon called "Destiny Grace Home" in 1999. My sister is unlearned and now working as a housemaid in Singapore.

My life at DGH: In truth, the Lord so much blessed me at DGH. I had a chance to grow my life and also have a privilege of learning education both at Sunday school and at a secular school. by God's grace, I have graduated a degree of Bachelor of Science and Master of Divinity Degree in Theological study in last February, 2014.

Above all, I am very grateful to know from Pastor Paul Syn that there are God's people like Dr. David Wood who are faithfully praying for me and helping the ministries financially. Certainly, I am now one of the fruits of your hard labors of love in the field of Myanmar. May the Lord give you a joyful and bountiful harvest of His great blessings. Thank you very much and God bless you always. Brother Solomon

wish list -8I was born and brought at a small village called - Minhla in the up-north part of Myanmar. My mother died of cancer in the year 2004 and two years later my father died - leaving 4 children orphaned. Due to poverty and as small kids yet we had nothing to eat at home every day and skipped meal often time and finally, my Church pastor brought me and my elder sister Elizabeth to stay at his home. The next year, we were sent to Destiny Grace Home. Needless to say, I began to live a much better life at Orphanage than at my own home with parents for loving care, better food to eat and nice clothes to wear. Moreover, I have a chance to study at school which I can never even dream of.

Currently, I am now doing my 1st-year study at Dagon University by distance program as well as studying the Bible at Christian Theological Seminary. I must say that I am greatly blessed by the 2013 Christmas Wish gifts. Please allow me to say again "Thank you very much and God bless you all" for your love, prayers and special love gifts for me and everyone with me at Destiny Grace Home.

..your gift is very helpful for me and God's great blessing for us always... By: Abihu Biak Lian Thang

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 DGH Orphans Needs:
1. Orphan Christmas Meal...5.00 each
2. Orphan Clothes..........$10.00 each
3. Orphan Shoes............$12.00 each
4. Orphan School Bag........$25.00 each
5. Multi-Vitamins (1Box)...$35.00 each
6. Bicycle.......................$75.00 each
7. Bunk Beds (need 12).....$100.00 each

"...Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40b

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kevan and linda bartlettGreetings from Appalachia

Serving as a pastor in the metro Charleston, West Virginia area has allowed us to visit and see first-hand the poverty and destitution of the Appalachia area. A special "thank you" to the Christmas Wish List team and partners for sharing your Christmas and bringing HOPE to these precious children and families. Your generosity will provide food and bare essentials to those without - it also allows an opportunity to present the Gospel, reaching many for Christ.

I appreciate your partnership in working together to reach our children for Christ and look forward to what God is going to do this year as we reach out to the impoverished children around us.


Thank You,
Bro. Kevan & Linda Bartlett
Director - Hope for Appalachian Children

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Hope for Appalachia
Perhaps you cannot give a completed bag - God will bless each gift - no matter the size. Here are some individual items that you can donate. Your items will be combined with other items to make completed backpacks.


1. Personal Bible...........$5.00 each
2. School Supplies.........$12.00 each
3. Small Toys................$12.00 each
4. Hygiene Items...........$17.00 each
5. Food.......................$19.00 each
6. Backpack.................$65.00 each

One complete backpack with ALL the above items = $65.00 each.  Together we CAN provide a complete backpack to hundreds of needy and impoverished children in this area of the country.

Share a gift of COMPASSION and the GOSPEL with a child in need.

"He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." - Proverbs 19:17


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