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17 reviews for Operation Go – Chartering

  1. Pastor from South Carolina – :

    “After seven sessions of Operation GO, the soul winners trained here have already won 1,671 to Christ!”

  2. Pastor from Columbia, South Carolina – :

    “We have just completed another session of Operation GO in our church. We trained “11” this time around. All 11 trainees won their first soul to Christ before the end of the 13 weeks. I was able to present each with their bronze soul winning pin and I also presented “3” silver pins for those who had at least 5 converts baptized.”

    -John Hamilton
    New Life Baptist Church
    Columbia, South Carolina

  3. Pastor from McAllen, Texas – :

    “Operation Go is a game changer! Exclusive use of Operation GO training and materials over the last seven years has completely transformed Maranatha Baptist Church into a soul winning church! One quarter to third of our congregation is knocking on doors every weekend! Thank you Lord for Dr. David Wood and this ministry!”

    -Dr. Daryl Miller
    Maranatha Baptist Church
    McAllen, Texas

  4. Pastor from Charleston, West Virginia – :

    “Operation GO is the very best program I have seen for effective training of church members to become productive soul-winners. The material is thorough yet attainable. Dr. Wood’s passion and expertise in this area are unmatched. His expert teaching via the instructional DVDs and the student material leads the trainee through the process of developing a mind-set and the skill-set for personal evangelism. Novice believers learn that they can be an effective witness for Christ. Experienced soul winners will learn a new level of effectiveness and productivity in their evangelistic efforts.”

    -T. Kevan Bartlett
    Maranatha Baptist Church
    Charleston, West Virginia

  5. Soul Winning Director from North Carolina – :

    “Due to the training that I received, I have now been equipped to direct the entire Soul Winning ministry of our church. We have already trained 36 producing soul winners within our church membership, with the potential of training over 100 within the first 2 years.”

  6. Pastor from New York – :

    “This training has given my evangelism director the necessary tools to establish and lead a vibrant soul-winning ministry within our church. Now it’s not just me who shows up on Visitation/Soul Winning night, but scores of well trained church members, on fire for Christ!”

  7. College Student – :

    “Through the use of Operation GO, we developed a soul winning class, and over the past four months we have seen at least 70 saved.”

  8. Pastor from Virginia – :

    “We have a group of teens [trained through this program] who go soul winning and have won many to the Lord-25 in one week! Some of them who are in public schools have won several young people to Christ on the school bus. One young man, who has been saved for only one year, has led 22 people to Christ on his school bus!”

  9. Church Member – :

    “Operation GO has been an invaluable tool. It has enabled our entire church to become involved in reaching our community for Christ.”

  10. Pastor from South Carolina – :

    “After seven sessions of Operation GO, the soul winners trained here have already won 1,671 to Christ!”

  11. Pastor from Houston, Texas – :

    58 soul winners were trained in 2 years¦ our church has doubled!

    -Houston, Texas

  12. Pastor from Suffolk, Virginia  :

    160 people have been saved. We have baptized every Sunday so far this year…a soul-winning support has been built into our entire ministry. Thank you for training our leadership.”

    -Suffolk, Virginia

  13. Pastor from Hagerstown, Maryland  :

    42 soul-winners have been trained over 600 won–our church has nearly doubled in one year!

  14. Pastor from San Francisco, California :

    Our attendance grew 60% in the last 6 months.

  15. Pastor from Independence, Missouri – :

    “This program serves as an advanced level discipleship program. It incorporates accountability, study, Scripture memorization, mentoring, and ministry in one program. It works! 75% of our new members were gained through baptism…”

  16. Pastor from Greenville, North Carolina – :

    “We started our first soul winning club… I met with 25 men and women…when we met a week later; our group had led 23 precious souls to Jesus Christ! At the writing of this letter we have led more than 30; we are so thankful…”

  17. Pastor from Madison, Alabama – :

    “To think, I almost did not allow David Wood Ministries to train a Soul Winning Director for us! Now, over 50 are actively involved in soul winning with over 600 being won to Christ.”