Why Have A Soul Winning Director

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The training... the tools... the plan... all to build on your vision!

Learn How to Implement a Producing Soul Winning Program in Your Church

Numbers accepting Christ each week!  Committed, spiritually alive soul winners!  Accountability for visitation! New converts joining your church and winning others!

Have you tried everything and still have only a few going out on weekly visitation? Are the people out on visitation apprehensive when witnessing? Do your visitation prospects simply "disappear" rather than get involved?

Very few pastors say they are completely satisfied with the outreach, or soul winning ministry of their church.  They have a burden to see entire families, teenagers, senior citizens, and single adults walking the aisle every Sunday, yet this burden has simply never materialized.  they preach messages concerning being broken over the lost and the desperate need to share Christ; the congregation responds and several members even come to the altar.  A wonderful feeling results, yet within a few short weeks everything is just as it was before.


Early in the ministry, I learned that "Inspiration Without Education Always Leads to Frustration."  As is true with workers in any other area of life, SOUL WINNERS MUST BE TRAINED TO WIN SOULS!  They need training that will not only give them a plan to follow but also the confidence that is vital for a clear presentation of the Gospel.

This letter is YOUR personal invitation to join a group of pastors who longed to build successful, practical, producing soul winning programs, and are doing just that!  You'll want to READ EVERY WORD to find out how you too can begin to see your community won to Christ.

Dear Pastor Friend:

For years I was burdened for pastors I would meet while conducting evangelistic crusades across the country.  They were pastors who had very successful Sunday School programs, bus ministries, youth and singles' programs, and the like.  They were dedicated men who faced a COMMON DILEMMA: no matter how hard they worked, their members were not faithfully coming out for a weekly visitation time.  And, if they did come , attendance was sporadic and the visits consisted mainly of, "Thanks for visiting our church; we hope we will see you there again."

Although the "Welcome Wagon" approach to visitation could be very effective from the public relations aspect, these pastors knew that their people should be making clear and regular presentations of the Gospel.  They had implemented "Thursday night visitation," many times, their people were burdened for souls, yet they were discouraged by the actual results.  They longed to glorify God in their services and see new converts come forward to make public professions of their salvation decisions.

After three decades of working with successful pastors of large churches and building soul winning churches and programs first had, I wanted to share this wealth of information with others.  I decided to offer the training and concentration in soul winning to other pastors who were just like me.  The result?

The Soul Winning Directors Institute (SWDI)

We held our first Institute session in January of 1998 at the wonderful Church of the Open Door, pastored by Dr. Norris Belcher.  Since that time, scores of sessions have been conducted in several U.S. regions and in many foreign countries.  Several thousand Soul Winning Directors have been trained, representing hundreds of churches in America and around the world. The graduates have returned home with a real, practical, two-year plan to start producing soul wining programs in their churches.  The soul winning results have been phenomenal!

Please allow us to train a Soul Winning Director for your church.  They can be staff, a layman, or yourself.  Here is just a sampling of the reports we've received:

"160 people have been saved... We have baptized every Sunday so far this year... a soul winning emphasis has been built into our entire ministry.  Thank you for training our leadership."
~ Suffolk, VA

"42 soul winners have been trained -- over 600 won -- our church has nearly doubled in one year!"
~ Hagerstown, MD

"Our attendance grew 60% in the last six months..."
~ San Francisco, CA

"This program serves as an advanced level discipleship program.  It incorporates accountability, study, Scripture memorization, mentoring, and ministry in one program.  It works! 75% of our new members were gained through baptism..."
~ Independence, MO

"We started our first soul winning club... I met with 25 men and women... when we met a week later; our group had led 23 precious soul s to Jesus Christ!  At the writing of this letter we have led more than 30; we are so thankful..."
~Greenville, NC

"To think, I almost did not allow David Wood Ministries to train a Soul Winning Director for us!  Now, over 50 are actively involved in soul winning with over 600 being won to Christ."
~ Madison, AL


Send a staff member or a layman with a burden for souls.  We will train him in several intensive sessions.  He will go out visiting "in the field" with a trained soul winner.  He will return to your church as a motivated, equipped Soul Winning Director with an initial two-year vision and plan to train scores of producing soul winners within your church!

You would not consider starting an Awana Club in your church without training your leaders to be completely prepared.  Nor would you install a new Sunday School Director in your church without the necessary training.  Every ministry in the church must be staffed and trained.

The soul winning ministry of a church is, quite possibly, our most important area of ministry.  The training should include everything from record-keeping, scheduling, organization, and of highest priority, the actual training of your members to present the Gospel in a clear, concise manner.  All of this is included in the training PLUS a two-year ministry plan.

The cost for a two-day training session, syllabus, classroom time, "in the field training," lunch and commencement is only $49.00 per person. (Additional members for your church may enroll for just $29.00.)  Please consider this your letter of invitation to either attend yourself or to send a staff person or layman for an SWDI.  (The attendance of the pastor will "jump start" this vital ministry.)

We must capture our Jerusalem!

Let us help you incorporate the soul winning program that will make it happen!  The SWDI is already tried and proven with scores of churches experiencing rapid growth.

The Greater Savannah Area
May 12, 2017 6pm - 9pm
May 13, 2017 9am - 3pm (lunch will be provided)
Hosted By: Countryside Baptist Church
1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd.
Guyton, GA 31312

Columbia, South Carolina
August 23 - 25, 2017
Hosted By: David Wood Ministries
3514 Bush River Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210

Come see first-hand how to build a dynamic soul winning ministry.  There are several ways to register.  You may register by clicking here or call us at 803-401-5752 for personal help and information.  We want to hear from you and serve you.

Yours, For Souls,

David A. Wood

P.S. Please allow me to "partner" our entire ministry and staff with your church -- put all of our resources behind you -- and train, equip, and build a soul winning team in your congregation!  Call 803-401-5752 today, and register a staff member, layman, or yourself in one of these SWDI sessions!  Within weeks, people you thought could never talk to anyone about Christ will be winning souls, and bringing them to church!

A FINAL WORD:  Procrastination is the thief of time.  In the business of winning people to Christ, building growing churches -- the cost of procrastination is multiplied in numbers not being won to THE SAVIOUR.  Contact us today -- let us share with you over three decades of experience learned from "doing it" as well as gleaning from successful ministries across America.