Soul Winning Director Job Description


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"Evangelism is an Atmosphere"


1 - It may be difficult for a pastor to initially incorporate all of the areas below as his church begins to build a strong, workable outreach ministry. However, each is important in developing a ministry geared toward: the salvation of the lost, the baptism of new converts, and an increase in church attendance.

In our understanding of this function, every activity of the church should be aimed at achieving one or more of these three goals.

2 - The purpose of each area below is to introduce the assets needed to reach these goals.  Each will require intensive thought and planning. It is suggested that notes and updates be added for future review and leadership training in each area as it is developed.

3 - It is strongly suggested that the entire outreach program of the church has a name that has to do with either the people involved or the philosophy of the program.  A couple of examples are Seed Sowers, or the Others program, etc.

4 - It is assumed that the church has in place - a workable system to recognize and record each visitor in a service and/or prospects from other sources.

5 - Please download the "OperationGo" app. It is available for your iPhone and android devices. It is available free at the App Store. This is a easy-to-use workable soul winning plan that is now being used by hundreds.


Only Two Possessions Will Consume You Every Day of Your Life...

Your Goals or Your Obstacles.

#1 - A comprehensive church software program:

  • That contains full data on all visitors and prospects. Each classification section should be updated every Monday AM or more often, if needed (a volunteer data entry person may be needed).
  • That can produce a printout of these prospects in grouped geographical areas for quick and easy visitation.
  • That will allow notes and updates on prior contacts to be entered.

(Note:  A well-balanced Sunday School promotional schedule of growth campaigns and big days will produce numbers of non-church prospects. See Appendix A)


#2 - Choose a good, workable, proven, church-wide, soul-winning plan.

  • This eliminates confusion in the training of soul winners and allows the training of the entire membership to become a focused goal (we, of course, recommend the *"13 Point Soul Winning Plan" that is incorporated in all of our training and materials here in the US and worldwide).

#3 - Establish soul-winning "Times" for the membership to actually visit.

  • The visitation teams are given "prospects" from #1 above and expected to return these with the results of their visit. Some visitation "Times" are noted below as suggestions:
  • Monday Night - Church Wide Visitation
  • An afternoon - Ladies Visitation
  • Saturday - Youth Visitation
  • Bus Visitation
  • Pastoral Staff Visitation - one or two periods per week
  • A "Time" for Christian School Teachers
  • - Etc. - Etc.

(Note: It is very important that each "Time" is organized.... all prospects cards, tracts, flyers, etc. available.....each session is opened with a short, exciting challenge and prayer.

(The participants should be greeted with rejoicing as they return.)

  • Once a quarter, a church-wide "Saturation Saturday" could be held.
  • A section of the city would be broken down into 20 homes per group. Each team of 2 would cover 1 group - meeting people, inviting them to church, leaving church information and a tract and winning them to Christ, if able.

You create movement by example.

The Greatest leadership words ever spoken were "follow me".

#4 - Spontaneous TRAINING times should be offered regularly... perhaps 3 or 4 times per year.

  • Each would be a one period training session where the entire membership is invited to attend or just the group targeted for training. The *Soul Winning Plan should be given out each time with training on how to use it. A skit showing someone using the plan to lead another to Christ is great. Also, role play among the attendees is very helpful.
  • An example of these TRAINING times could be
  • A well-planned Saturday morning training session for the entire membership.
  • A one-hour fellowship in someone's home after an evening service.
  • In any of the church's regularly scheduled meeting of any group; use one of those sessions to train in Soul Winning.
  • A youth pizza social - the program is a training session with a skit.
  • There are many other opportunities if we look for them.

*These should always be exciting with pulpit follow-up of rejoicing.


The worth of your life is about the "seeds" you sow,

not the "investment" you reap.


#5 - It is suggested that *soul-winning curriculum be installed in the Sunday School or Groups one quarter per year. The advantage of this is obvious. Consider scheduling this with a *Sunday School growth program, and the net results are magnified.

#6 - An intensive training program should become a part of the available soul-winning TRAINING offered (a program such as our trainer/trainee program *"Operation Go").

This program will produce "Top Producers." These trained soul winners could stay in the program session after session training other trainees. And/or, they can filter into all ministry and leadership areas of the church placing practicing soul winners in all areas of ministry.  Additionally, they understand "what soul winning is"; as well as the need and philosophy of building a church geared to reaching the lost.


Goal orientation stops when completed –

Growth orientation is never completed and thus fulfilling.