By this time, you have received a handful of texts from me, some lengthier than others, but hopefully a blessing to you. I trust that you have met with the Lord in prayer about if and how you can be a part of “Year End Giving” this season.

If you have not already decided, I would like to take one last moment of your time and be an encouragement. The work of the Lord is of no doubt, GREAT. Our ministry is seeing so many blessings throughout the year, and we are motivated to do more. We will never stop working to win souls and equip others to help us do the same.

Support that we receive monthly, helps us to keep the “small things” going. These smaller parts of our ministry are what ultimately come together to show BIG results!

I want to remind you one last time that your donation, no matter how big or small, will IMPACT GREATLY.

You are making a difference.