Your year-end gift is so very important to us.

Having your support means more than you will ever know! I believe it is vital that I take time to share what your gifts and support goes toward. My, how God is blessing!

In fact, this last quarter of 2021 contains not only the largest opportunity in reaching the lost that we have known. But, also, tremendous expansion geographically; positioning us to “multiply greatly” in so many regions of our world.

With God’s provision and your help, ALL 36 STATES in Africa were sponsored! This means we were able to move forward in Phase 3. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Also, our missions center in Africa is to be completed in the next year. In the last week of September, 500 families began receiving pure water for the first time in this area, absolutely free!

I am happy to report that the same momentum that we are gaining internationally is happening right here in America. NOW… more than ever, the future before us is as “bright as the promises of the Word of God”! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we move forward for another year serving the LORD!