Year End Giving is so important...

When I sit and think about the abundance of our God, I realize how giving He truly is. And because he is a generous God, we are also called to be generous. Now, we may find that many of His commands are relatively easy to obey. But oftentimes our wallets are the last to open. We must remember that throughout the Bible we are shown that by giving, we are able to receive more!

When giving, you can think of it as emptying yourself ... to be filled again by God.

We will never know just how generous God is until we give Him a chance to show us what else He is capable of. How will this be given unto us? BY GIVING!

“Give and it shall be given unto you..”

When I give, just the simple fact alone that I have something to give makes me immediately feel more blessed.

This year has been difficult for many, in fact, for most. It has been a year full of challenges and trials. But we are alive, we are blessed, and a new year is on its way! The impact of a small gift to our ministry is more than you might ever think! Your continued support is so appreciated.