Local Church Crusades

David Wood's ministry focus is on local church crusades.

Holy Obligation

Speaking to people about their souls is at the very core of David Wood Ministries. Since 1984, Dr. Wood and his team have reached over two million people with hundreds of thousands of public decisions for Christ and hundreds of thousands who have received Christ as their Savior. Dr. Wood holds four day crusades across the country and sponsors dozens of seminars that equip others to be successful soul winners for God.

What makes David Wood such a vigorous witness for the Lord? The sense of urgency conveyed by Jesus throughout the Scriptures. Jesus placed the highest priority on redeeming individual lives. Sharing the Good News with others makes up the greatest portion of our Lord's words and deeds, and He continually urges His followers to redeem their time by living and speaking as faithful witnesses.

"The church is God's instrument for worldwide evangelism. With Holy Spirit power, the lost can be reached and believers energized for commitment to service. There has never been a time more necessary for well-planned local church crusades than today."
-David Wood

Every crusade - both large and small is designed and fully advanced by our staff to achieve four goals.

1. See as many saved as possible
2. Motivate the membership to commitment and involvement to total church ministry
3. Add new families and individuals into the membership
4. Expand the influence of the church in a positive way throughout their entire area