We use http://www.givingkiosk.com. Not sure how we ended up with them, maybe a referral from the bank. We have had no problems, just the occasional network down. Other than that, I would recommend them.

Also, online giving, there are a few to choose from. However the bank that is used decides on which one. Our bank uses www.authorize.net and that is who we use. No problems there.

Just be ready for fees and more fees!!!

It seems that the best recommendation that we can make to a church to purchase a software program for their ministry is:



Other partner churches have recommended the following church software programs.

We use Servant Keeper software and here is the site. (http://servantpc.com/) Servant Keeper is one of the software programs from this company. They offer several other programs such as check in, giving and so forth.


We use Easy Worship for our worship service software, and we use school minder for our school software.


ACS provides webinars on our newly designed product that is particularly suited for small churches, as we discussed. The product is called Realm. You can sign up for one of these live webinars by registering at:  http://www.acstechnologies.com/products/realm/demoAlso, take a look at:  http://www.acstechnologies.com/products/acs

ChurchTrac is a church database for keeping track of people, groups and attendance, calendar and finances.