Nationals Trained in Soul Winning Receive Bible Institute Training

Imagine; a young man in India is called to preach. His pastor has previously been trained and equipped through The Witness Project. This young man has just finished several sessions of OperationGo and is a proficient soul winner. He answered the call to preach the Gospel and has been sent out to plant a home church. The young man’s zeal and passion for souls is evident. The baby church multiples as he trains producing soul winners.

We have longed to equip this young man with one additional tool... Bible Institute Training. This would equip him with a foundation in theology, general Biblical survey, and leadership skills. What a joy to announce that, this desire will now take a major step forward in becoming a reality. A pilot program is now underway with 42 young men in training.

Working with Thomas Maher, a 20 subject course has been developed: The Advanced Leadership Biblical Studies (ALBS). Upon completion, each young man will receive a diploma from the “India Bible College” - and be fully prepared in all areas of pastoring; equipped to build a growing New Testament Soul Winning Church.

Here’s how it works - The student will travel to the college campus one week per month for 5 consecutive months. Each week will consist of Monday-Friday classes and will constitute one module. At the end of the five-month period, he will have completed 5 modules covering all 20-course subjects.

While on campus, the student will be able to observe the practical side of his instruction. He will also be making “hands on” applications. The 3 weeks at home, in between each modular, will give him the opportunity to complete assigned work while putting what is being taught into practice in his new home church.

As noted, 42 young men from all parts of India are participating in this pilot program. The first modular was held in August 2020. Graduation from this first program will be in February 2021. Dr. Wood will be present and participating in this graduation service.

Each modular, including the young man’s travel, lodging, food, and all curriculum needs can be provided for only $100. That’s only $500 per student for his entire course including graduation.

This pilot program is a giant FAITH step in multiplying, once again, the effectiveness of The Witness Project!