Church Plants

The Kline Family
Pastor Troy, wife Rachel, children Jonathan & Caleb
Bible Truth Baptist Church
Athens, OH

New addition: Lillian Grace born June 17th at 11:59pm. 6 lbs. 12 oz. Her picture will be posted soon.

Dear Pastor Hamilton,

Thank you for coming and being such a help to our church and me. The past few months have been invaluable to the ministry here in Athens. As you considered your own beginnings in church planting you were able to see what I need more than I did. (Hindsight being 20/20) This has put me years ahead of where you may have been in starting out.

Pastor Hamilton, you have effectively taught us how to reach our community for Christ. Though work was being done before you came, the efficiency of our work was lacking. Since you began helping our attendance has almost doubled, the involvement of our church members has increased dramatically, and most importantly we have seen more people saved in the last three months than in all the months before your coming. Because of all you have taught us, we are very excited to see what God has in store for the future of our church! I know what has happened here has changed both the church and me.

Thank you for your patients, your generosity, and your friendship. I hope for years to come you will hear good things coming from Bible Truth Baptist Church. Without question I know I will here great things coming from your ministry as you continue to help churches reach the world for Christ.

As Paul said “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”. Take care and God bless you Brother Hamilton!


Pastor Troy Kline

The Olewine Family

Pastor Steve, wife Crystal, children Ethan & Alexis
Bible Believing Baptist Church
Watonga, OK

Brother Steve graduated from Victory Baptist College in North Augusta, SC and Crystal graduated from Crown College in Powell, TN. God has His hand upon this sweet couple and they're going to do a great work for our Lord in the area God's called them to. It's Watonga, OK, which is about an hour from Oklahoma City. The town has 5,000 people in it and no true gospel witness. The first pictures were taken the first time Pastor John Hamilton met with them on Wednesday night (9/12/12) to assist them in establishing Bible Believing Baptist Church. To their JOY, 40 people showed up counting the children. Pastor Hamilton preached to them in a restaurant and the children were kept in another room.

Pastor Hamilton started training Pastor Olewine and two men in Operation GO Soul Winning. The pastor has an understanding of Operation GO and does a great job at presenting the gospel. Pastor Olewine will do a wonderful job in leading and training these two men.

Brother John

These two pictures were taken of the first meeting
Pastor Hamilton held in the restaurant to organize them.

Pastor Hamilton flew out on January 1st to Watongo, OK to continuing working with Pastor Steve Olewine and Bible Believing Baptist Church. The Lord gave them a wonderful "2" days together and (as always) HE BLESSED. They went visiting, Pastor Hamilton preached on Wednesday night and there were "2" precious souls saved. PRAISE GOD!!!

They are now in their own building. Pastor Hamilton helped on one of his trips with the painting and getting the building ready for worship. The "3" pictures show the view of their auditorium from the pulpit, the other shows the view from the sound booth and the third one is a picture of Pastor presenting Bryan and Adam with their Operation GO Soul Winning Training Certificates. There have been many souls saved and attending church as a result of our training these two wonderful men in soul winning. Pray for them as they seek the Lord's leadership as to whom they are to train in the next session, which hopefully will begin soon.

The church is experiencing wonderful growth. In just 4 months they are running between 60 and 80 in attendance. This in a town with only 5,000 people. Soul winning still works and Bible Believing Baptist Church is a great example of that.

Pastor Hamilton will be flying out there on January 30th to conduct their Constitutional Service and they will open the church doors for Charter Members.

Your prayers and financial support makes all of this possible. All gifts go toward enabling Pastor Hamilton to make these trips to serve these pastor's and their people.

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Dear Bro. John and Church Family,

This is Pastor Steve Olewine with Bible Believing Baptist Church and I wanted to take some time and let you know how much of a blessing it was to have Bro. John help us in the planting of this church. Bible Believing Baptist Church would not be established as fast as it has been without the U.S. Church Planting ministry. Every time Bro. John was here, he had the attitude of whatever you need preacher I will do. You don’t find that very much anymore. From being incorporated to putting a paint brush in his hand he was there for me and our church. Since the help we received from U.S. Church Planting ministry we have been able to see a little over 45 people saved and 47 baptized. Glory to God and a big thank you to Bro. John and the U.S. Church planting ministry, it means a lot to Bible Believing Baptist Church.

Pastor Steve Olewine

The Moffett Family

Bobby and Jolynn Moffett have been married for almost thirty years and have two children. Their son, Bradley (25), is married to Meagan and they have a two year old named Zachary and have been in the ministry for three years. Their daughter, Hannah (22), works as a photographer and is actively involved in the music and children’s program. Bobby and Jolynn have been in full time ministry since 1995 and have started three churches. Along with Family Baptist Church, he started Angel for Hope Ministries designed for raising money for missions. He is now starting this church in Pensacola, FL.

Family Baptist Church
1810 Bainbridge Ave
Pensacola, Fl 32507

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I wanted to give you the latest on my "3rd" church plant, which is Family Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL and Pastor Bobby Moffett. I've made two trips so far and Lord willing I'll be leaving this Thursday to spend two more days with them. We've knocked on more than 2,500 doors and now the real work begins as I go back to lead in the follow up of all the prospects we've come up with.

They held their "launch service" yesterday and had "55" in attendance. I've attached a picture of those who came. I've also attached a picture of the flowers that our church sent congratulating them on their first service. New Life Baptist Church is the sending church for Family Baptist and we're going to do all we can to see GREAT THINGS happen. Sunday was a TREMENDOUS BEGINNING for them and I believe their future is bright. Please, please, please PRAY for them as well as myself.

It's been amazing to see the Lord provide my travel needs to go each week to FL. Providence Baptist Church (Pastor Don Prosser - Augusta, GA) and Bible Believing Baptist Church (Pastor Steve Olewine - Watonga, OK), which you may recall was the second church I worked with, took the US Church Planting Ministry on for monthly support this past week. This couldn't have come at a better time and I THANK THE LORD for two more churches coming on board.

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love, prayers and support for this ministry of faith. Remember, you can always go to my website: and see and read about each church I've been involved in.

Thank you for your time and I trust you'll have a blessed day,

Brother John

I wanted to take just a minute and give you the latest from my 3rd Church plant in Pensacola, FL., which is Family Baptist Church. As I mentioned in my last email, they had "55" in their first service last week. I went back there this past Thursday and Friday and visited those who attended. I'm training two men (Bradley & Jesse) in soul winning and we had the JOY to lead "3" to Christ this week. I've attached a picture of Ariel & Jenna who accepted Christ and they came forward this morning and want to be baptized next Sunday. This young lady has been through so much in her life but to see the JOY on her face after she gave her life to Jesus makes it worth while for me to represent you in starting new churches.

I talked to Pastor Bobby Moffett today and he was so happy to see "38" in attendance this morning since several who came last week were friends that came to give him support. This church is well on the way to seeing a blessed and fruitful ministry.

Pray for me as I'll be leaving tonight (Sunday) after church to go back and spend Monday and Tuesday visiting and training these two men.

I can't thank you enough for helping me make these trips. I could not do this without your love, prayers and support so keep it up.

I look forward to sharing with you later as to how this next trip goes.

God Bless You,
Brother John